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Dear Sir/Ma’am:

We are pleased to offer the services of Med Options Multi-Specialty Clinic and  Diagnostic Center, Inc., a duly accredited industrial medical clinic with complete diagnostics, neuro-psychological evaluation, as well as multi-specialty consultations and dental services. We wish to be your partner in delivering quality health care services to your employees.

We would like to offer the following Pre-employment Medical Examinations for a package price of P450.00:

1. Complete Medical History and Physical Examination
2. Complete Blood Count
3. Urinalysis
4. Stool Examination
5. Chest X-ray (using 11"x14" film)
6. Drug test for Methamphetamine and Tetrahydrocannabinoids

While it is true that most people apply for work with these medical requirements, we are not sure that their neuro-psychological test results are gathered from factual testing or simply bought from more enterprising sources. For your client’s protection as well as your own, we offer you these tests to make sure that you will have authentic results. For the different categories, our testing rates are:

a) Security Guard/Driver/Factory Worker/Janitor/Messenger/ Housekeeping Staff)

P 250.00
b) Security Guard’s NP with Validation (+100)  P 350.00
c) Security Officer/Cashier/Clerk/Seaman P 350.00
d) Security Officer’s NP with Validation (+100)  P 450.00
e) Supervisory/managerial Positions P 1, 000.00

f) Firearms Licensing and Permit to Carry (P500.00 + P200.00 Validation Fee)

P 700.00

***Additional P5.00 is charged for photo/Xerox copies needed at Camp Crame for all validated results.

Other examinations that can be availed at discounted rates are as follows:

1. Chest X-ray (Postero-anterior view)  170.00
2. Chest x-ray (Apico-lorodotic view)  130.00
3. Complete Blood Count  60.00
4. Urinalysis  35.00
5. Stool Examination  25.00
6. Blood Typing  50.00
7. HBsAg Screening  110.00
8. Pap smear  150.00
9. Pregnancy Test  100.00
10. FBS  90.00
11. Cholesterol  100.00
12. Triglycerides  150.00
13. Drug Test (Met/THC)  300.00
14. ECG  100.00
15. Eye Test for Color-blindness (Ishihara test)  150.00

Rest assured that evaluation of your personnel would be done with utmost objectivity and confidentiality. Our qualified personnel will be more than glad to conduct examinations to your people from 7:00 am to 5:00 pm Mondays to Fridays and 7:00 am to 12:00 nn Saturdays at our clinic or your chosen venue. Should there be a need for a total service solution for your employees, please do not hesitate to call us at (632) 829-5487 or (0917) 843-6774 or you can email us at or you can visit us at our office at 157 P. Diego Cera Ave., Las Pinas City.

Thank you very much for your kind attention and we look forward to a lasting partnership.

Very sincerely yours,

Dionisio C. Landero, Jr.
Marketing Assistant


Ferdinand A. Astom, MD
President and General Manager

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